Making My Hot Mess Self a Productive Hot Mess

Some girls identify as being hot messes. Put my photo in a line-up, and I’d be picked out. No second thoughts.

See, I’m a recovering addict. It took me turning thirty to get my act together. Stable job. Great relationship. Mother to one and three bonus kids. And even then, I still struggle with baggage. Oh, and have I mentioned I struggle with depression?

This is my attempt to blog it out. Make sense of life. Use my time on the phone to actually accomplish goals and not just escape into Facebooklandia, my favorite place, or worse–lose my sobriety. I’m gonna write that novel, learn how to dance hip hop, perfect my mother’s buttermilk pie recipe, lose those thirty pounds I’ve gained since 2015, etc. I don’t always wake up this motivated, but I feel like I could drive 35E to the moon. Dallas reference.

2018 will be a great year, but I’m not waiting until January to get . If you want to join me in rocking 2018, then come along. Bring your Vans. Won’t be easy, but definitely worth it.

Here I come.

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